Quadrants - a more traditional view. (the gps was sitting on my window at home, hence the boat is well inland!)

Notice the chartplotter 'quilts' the charts, with the higher resolution NZ6142_1 Nelson Harbour chart providing detail over the background NZ61 chart. You can switch layers on/off, and zoom and drag as you would expect.

Center on boat, and 'Follow boat' is now supported. Autopilot control is complete, and the FreeboardPLC calculates ruddder offset required, but it still requires work on the actual rudder servo driver. Waypoints, and Goto Waypoint are now complete, plus current track now displays on screen

Multiple browsers

Two copies running, one in Firefox, one in ReKonq, on a Linux laptop. You can have as many web clients as you like - anything with a decent browser will do - the dotted line is measuring the distance Nelson-Hobart (1136NM). Finally you can have a laptop n the nav station, and a tablet on the helm,and another in you cabin, all showing a single consistent view of the boats status.

Some recent fishing - no fish were harmed in making this track :-(